ACTIVE DIRECTORY Questions and Answers

What are the new features in Active Directory (AD) of Windows server 2012?

  • dcpromo (Domain Controller Promoter) with improved wizard: It allows you to view all the steps and review the detailed results during the installation process
  • Enhanced Administrative Center: Compared to the earlier version of active directory, the administrative center is well designed in Windows 2012. The exchange management console is well designed
  • Recycle bin goes GUI: In windows server 12, there are now many ways to enable the active directory recycle bin through the GUI in the Active Directory Administrative Center, which was not possible with the earlier version
  • Fine grained password policies (FGPP): In windows server 12 implementing FGPP is much easier compared to an earlier  It allows you to create different password policies in the same domain
  • Windows Power Shell History Viewer: You can view the Windows PowerShell commands that relates to the actions you execute in the Active Directory Administrative Center UI