ADOBE INDESIGN Questions and Answers

How can you create an index in InDesign?

To create an index in InDesign test, you have to follow the below steps

  • Go to window -> Type & Tables -> Index and choose select reference
  • It will open a window “New Page Reference”, where you can enter the top level topics, you can highlight the word using the type tool you wish to add as an entry and choose “Create a new index entry”
  • When dialog box appears, tap on OK and continue adding all other topics as required
  • Once all topics are added each entry or topics will have an index marker
  • You can also add references to each topic from the reference dialog box, and you can click up and down arrow to set their position
  • Unusual characters, words or numbers can be removed by using Sort By panel by omitting or re-typing the problem word.
  • Continue the process until all the entries are added to the index
  • Once this done, you can click on Generate Index, this will generate an index to your layout