ADOBE INDESIGN Questions and Answers

How can you add meta-data caption to graphics frames?

Based on the meta-data information stored in the original graphic files you can automatically generate captions for placed graphics.  To add the meta-data caption to graphic frames you follow the steps

  • With the selection tool, Shift-click to choose the six graphic frames
  • Tap on the Links panel and select caption -> Caption setup from the panel menu
  • In the Caption Setup dialog window, set the following things
  • In the text before column, type Photo By
  • Select the Author from the Meta-data menu, leave the text after boxblank
  • Select Below Image in the Alignment column
  • Select Photo Credit from the Paragraph Style column
  • In the offset box enter p2
  • Now, click OK to store the settings and close the Caption Setup window
  • From the Links panel menu, select captions -> Generate Static Captions