BILL COLLECTOR Questions and Answers

Mention what are the excuses customer usually makes to get away from debt payment? How to deal with that?

Customers usually have excuses like

  • Cheque is in post: Ask him to send a copy of cheque through mail and inquire about the cheque number, date and what name the cheque is issued. If they are telling you the truth then, it will provide you all the facts you asked for and if not then probably they are lying
  • Not received any statement, notice or any invoice: It is the most common excuse you will face. Ask them to give their address and make a request to pay the debt on that day itself.
  • Account department operates only at 9am to 12pm one day a week: In such cases, think about the company size, is it really big to have an accounting department. And if yes, try to contact the director or partner of the company they can process your payment.
  • Debtor is never available: Try to get personal contact number through which you can reach the debtor if that is not working send a warning letter about the payment to the debtor’s address, and they should call you back.
  • Cash flow problem: If the client is really facing cash-flow problem ask him to pay the amount in small installment, if he is still resentful about paying the debt than refer them to a debt counsellor. If the problem is temporary then give him some time to overcome his problem but time should not exceed to a longer duration.
  • Signatory is passed away: Nothing much can be done in such cases, unless you have a proper legal paperwork that states the third party name for the payment if anything goes wrong with the main party.
  • Account is already been paid: If the debtor gives such excuses then try retrieve all the information like which bank account, date and day of the payment deposited, request to mail a copy of deposit slip, etc. If he stammers anywhere while giving information, then get alert it’s a red flag.
  • Too busy: Show appreciation to debtor that keeps him busy, and politely ask them to settle the payment without any delaying as it is the best interest for him.