BILL COLLECTOR Questions and Answers

Before filing a lawsuit against debtor what all things need to be considered?

Things to be considered before filing a lawsuit is

  • Is yours claim large enough to sue, as most attorneys in U.S will not file a lawsuit under $1000 and even $2000
  • Is debtor active in business or job
  • Find the correct address where you can send a legal notice to the debtor
  • Check whether debtor holds up enough cash or property to pay the debts
  • Some debtors won’t pay you unless legal action is not held, so hire an attorney who has experience in such cases
  • If the client has the upper hand then always go for a settlement, as they have rights to counter claim against you for damages
  • Can you provide enough proof or documentation that substantiate the debt
  • Will you be able to present a witness if needed
  • Does the cost include the warrant filing a lawsuit