Bluetooth Questions and Answers

Name few applications of Bluetooth?

* Wireless control of and communication between a cell phone and a hands free headset or car kit. This is the most popular use. * Wireless networking between PCs in a confined space and where little bandwidth is required. * Wireless communications with PC input devices such as mouses and keyboards and output devices such as printers. * Transfer of files between devices via OBEX. * Transfer of contact details, calendar appointments, and reminders between devices via OBEX. * Replacement of traditional wired serial communications in test equipment, GPS receivers and medical equipment. * For remote controls where infrared was traditionally used. * Sending small advertisements from Bluetooth enabled advertising hoardings to other, discoverable, Bluetooth devices. * Wireless control of a games console, Nintendo’s Wii and Sony’s PlayStation 3 will both use Bluetooth technology for their wireless controllers. * Sending commands and software to the upcoming LEGO Mindstorms NXT instead of infra red.