BUSINESS ANALYST Questions and Answers

Mention some of the important points a business analyst must take care while preparing business plan?View Answer
What would you do if the client says that you and the other analysts cannot directly talk to the users?View Answer
How can you identify yourself with this organization?View Answer
Why is business analyst position vital in an organization?View Answer
Version control and configuration management are terms used widely in the business industry, write short notes about the terms.View Answer
How would you make most sense out of the Business requirements to the developers?View Answer
Why excellent communication skill is essential for a business analyst?View Answer
State the different software methodologies.View Answer
What are the most important software tools that BA should be accessing to coordinate the team through the project?View Answer
What are the industry and professional standards followed by business analyst?View Answer
Describe the meaning of the term data mapping.View Answer
How does a Business Analyst play an important role in the initial stages of the project?View Answer
What are the quality procedures followed normally by a business analyst?View Answer
What is the main quality of a good requirement? The requirement should be good, clear, understandable, and consistent and should be easily verifiable.View Answer
What are the different documents that can come across to the Business Analyst?View Answer
How is requirement analysis done by business analyst?View Answer
Where did u use rational rose & requisite pro ?View Answer
What do you offer to show as your experience that will come into relevance to thisorganization?View Answer
Does the business analyst interact with clients directly? If so state the reason for the same?View Answer
What do understand by version control & configuration management ?View Answer
How should the requirements be to proceed with the project in the best way? What if the client does not give you the technical side of the requirement?View Answer
Mention the difference between business process improvement and business process reengineering?View Answer
What are different software methodologies.?View Answer
What are the things that have to be considered while writing a Business document?View Answer
How do you resolve issues?View Answer
What is UAT ?View Answer
How can a BA be of assistance to the marketing team?View Answer
How is business plan evaluated?View Answer
What do u mean by Data mapping ?View Answer
BA is the bridge between the IT and Non-IT persons when it comes a software system. Does it mean that decision making responsibility can be rested his hand entirely?View Answer
What are the problems solved by business analysis?View Answer
What are the problems Business Analyst could face during gathering Business requirementsView Answer
What are the qualities you have that makes you suitable for the position of Business Analyst?View Answer
Who uses the output produced by business analyst?View Answer
What can a Business Analyst do differently than project or program manager (Design Architect) with respect to successfully getting the project implementation done?View Answer
How do you see your future as a Business Analyst?View Answer
What is the educational qualification required for a business analyst?View Answer
Where would you document Functional and Non Functional Requirements (i.e. deliverable)?View Answer
What do you think is an important characteristic that a Business Analyst should have to tide over tough times of project?View Answer