What are the various modules in Business Objects product Suite?


Supervisor is the control center for the administration and security of your entire BusinessObjects deployment.


Designer is the tool used to create, manage and distribute universe for BusinessObjects and WebIntelligence Users. A universe is a file that contains connection parameters for one or more database middleware and SQL structure called objects that map to actual SQL structure in the database as columns,tables and database.

BusinessObjects Full client Reporting tool:

Helps to create business objects reports based on the universe and also from the other data sources.

BusinessObjects Thin client Reporting tool:

Helps to query and analysis on the universe and also share the report among other users. It doesn’t require any software, just need a web browser and the system connected to the business objetcs server.


Tool is used for monitor and analysis user and system activity.

Application Foundation:

This module covers a set of products which is used for Enterprise Performance Management (EPM). The tools are

  • Dashboard manager
  • Scorecard
  • Performance Management Applications