Call Center Questions and Answers

Explain how can you resolve the problem to customer’s satisfaction?

To resolve the problem to customer’s satisfaction, you need to follow the following techniques.

  • Talk to the customer: Standard emails or letters might work in some cases, but often you can achieve more quickly with a phone call. It will make feel customer more personal and understand their complaint
  • Figure out the problem and requirement: Listen carefully to your customers need carefully and ask them what they want
  • Ask about wider issues: Ask open ended questions like – is he happy with your service or product? What other feedback does he want to give?
  • Offer something back: If a customer has a genuine issue with the service/product, and there is a chance of losing it, it’s better to give him some offer/discount/coupons, etc. to keep him stick to your service.
  • Confirm your solution: To avoid dispute after coming up with solution on phone, it’s better to take follow up by email or letter
  • Take follow up: This is where most people miss- get a member of your staff to check that all is well. It will help to minimize the common problem faced by customers.