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Explain the difference between the truncate and delete commands?View Answer
What does dependency analysis mean in Ab Initio?View Answer
What is the difference between rollup and scan?View Answer
How can i run the 2 GUI merge files?View Answer
What methods exist for performance tuning?View Answer
What means writing of wrapper?View Answer
What is the reason for using parameterized graphs?View Answer
What is API mode versus the utility mode?View Answer
What is the reason for a database to contain stored procedures?View Answer
What is the purpose of ramp limit?View Answer
What is the role of a driving port?View Answer
What can we say about partitioning with key and round robin?View Answer
What is the definition of a multistage component?View Answer
What are the supported layouts in Ab Initio?View Answer
What can we say about the Scan component versus a RollUp component?View Answer
What is the meaning of a DB config versus a CFG file?View Answer
How the term Standard Environment can be explained?View Answer
How much memory do we need for a graph?View Answer
What difference does exist between Checkpoint and Phase?View Answer
What role has the XFR function?View Answer
What possible errors we can receive from a graph execution?View Answer
What is the meaning of EME?View Answer
What meaning has lock in Ab Initio?View Answer
Can a graph be infinitely run? If yes, how?View Answer
What is the component that can be used to lower a file in size?View Answer