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Read API TESTING Questions and Answers for Interview

What is API testing?View Answer
What are the tools used for API testing?View Answer
What are the common tests performed on API’s?View Answer
Mention the key difference between UI level testing and API testing?View Answer
Explain what is SOAP?View Answer
Explain what is REST API?View Answer
Difference API and Unit Testing?View Answer
How to test API’s ?View Answer
Mention what the main areas to be taken in consideration while writing API document ?View Answer
In API document explain how to document each function ?What are the tools used for documentation?View Answer
Explain API framework?View Answer
How does the API Builder work?View Answer
Explain what is TestApi ?View Answer
What is Input injection and what are different ways of doing it ?View Answer
What are the main challenges of API testing?View Answer
What is API testing with runscope ?View Answer
Explain what are the principles of API test design?View Answer
What are the types of Bugs will API testing finds?View Answer
What are the tools used for API test automation?View Answer
Mention the steps for testing API ?View Answer
What are the common protocols that are testing in API tesing ?View Answer