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What is Air Turbulence?View Answer
What if you lost your luggage while flying?View Answer
What is Jet Lag?View Answer
What if you lose your passport while travelling overseas?View Answer
While flying, what you should do in an emergency?View Answer
List out things that you can’t carry while flying?View Answer
What is ditching?View Answer
How long the oxygen last for passenger in an emergency?View Answer
What is Aqua-planing?View Answer
Why Pilot hits ground hard during bad weather?View Answer
Explain what is Clear Ice?View Answer
Explain what do you mean by stalling of aircraft?View Answer
Mention what things need to be taken in consideration if your seat is near Emergency Exit?View Answer
Explain what can passengers do to ensure safety?View Answer
What creates the strange sounds you hear prior to take off and landing?View Answer
Is it possible to open flight door at high altitude?View Answer
What are the measures taken to save the aircraft from lightning?View Answer
What medical aid is NOT allowed to carry with you on air-craft?View Answer
What all medical aid you can carry with permission from security personnel?View Answer
What things you should not do on while flying?View Answer