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What is magic number?View Answer
Where can the backup configuration file be found?View Answer
Which switching method is used to examine the destination MAC Address.View Answer
List the important characteristics of IGRP.View Answer
Name the default IPX Ethernet encapsulation.View Answer
What is the use of Multilink Protocol MP?View Answer
Three features of IP Access lists.View Answer
An important feature of RARP.View Answer
What is the range of extended IP access list?View Answer
What is the use of DDR on Cisco Routers?View Answer
Which authentication method is preferred to set up a session?View Answer
How can a router be configured?View Answer
Which protocol helps test the connectivity without configuration of layer 3 protocols?View Answer
Which hardware component is used to store backup configuration?View Answer
Cisco router has two types of access lists.View Answer
Which compression protocols are used for PPP?View Answer
Which mechanism takes place in a traffic light?View Answer
What is the use of IPX SAP?View Answer
Which is the IPX Serial encapsulation by default?View Answer
What do you know about the UDP Datagram format?View Answer
Name and explain the phases of PPP Session establishment.View Answer
What is WindowingView Answer
List the default values in IGRP metric.View Answer
Important features of PPP CHAP Authentication?View Answer
When using access lists, what does a Cisco router check first?View Answer
Which filters are used to control SAP Traffic?View Answer
What is the default serial encapsulation?View Answer
How many DNS Servers can be specified with one command?View Answer
How many access lists are allowed per interface?View Answer
Which hardware component is used to store buffers, tables, etc.?View Answer
What is the use of ARP?View Answer
WHich format is useful for configuring the subnet mask for an IP Address?View Answer
What happens if we set a wildcard mask bit to 0 in cisco routers?View Answer
Important features of UDPView Answer
Use of DLCIView Answer
Which process is used to find an IP address from a MAC Address?View Answer
Which abbrevation is used to tell the router to check all numbers?View Answer
What is the number range of IPX access list?View Answer
Important features of OSI Layer 3 – network layer.View Answer
What is source Quench?View Answer
Which service is used to get data from multiple sources and allocate bandwidth on one?View Answer
Name the OSI Layer which helps ensure packet delivery.View Answer
List the important characteristics of switches.View Answer
ICMP ProtocolView Answer
How can we convert the user data from DTE to WAN service form?View Answer
What is the access list range for extended IP Access list?View Answer
How can you vary the routers boot sequence?View Answer
Which OSI Layer is used for physical address and network topology?View Answer
Name any two protocols which can exist in the protocol field of an IP Packet.View Answer
Which are the different forms of WAN Services accessed by Cisco Routers?View Answer
Name a x.25 addressing standard.View Answer
Which hardware is necessary for broadcasts.View Answer
Why do we have to disable CDP?View Answer
Which field in the IP Packet has network testing?View Answer
What is the Quality Protocol?View Answer
List three important properties of IGRP.View Answer
Important characteristics of PPP PAP Authentication.View Answer
Important characteristics of ISDN.View Answer
How does the Internet layer know how to handle an IP Packet?View Answer