CLINICAL LAB TECHNICIAN MOST ASKED Job Interview Questions. Read CLINICAL LAB TECHNICIAN Interview Questions and Answers for Experienced, Freshers PDF Download.

Read CLINICAL LAB TECHNICIAN Questions and Answers for Interview

What are the responsibilities of clinical lab technician?View Answer
Explain what is GLP?View Answer
Explain why GLP is followed in the lab?View Answer
What are the common errors done by technician while handling pipette?View Answer
Why pipetting training is crucial for clinical technician?View Answer
Define what is Aliquot?View Answer
What are the different techniques for placing samples in micro-scope?View Answer
What are different sterilization methods used in laboratory?View Answer
Explain what is the difference between sterilization and disinfection?View Answer
Explain what is gas sterilization?View Answer
What are the factors on which the gas sterilization depends on?View Answer
Explain what clinical lab audit is and what are the areas you can do clinical audit?View Answer
Explain what is laboratory centrifuges?View Answer
Explain what is supernatant?View Answer
What are the steps you can take to avoid imbalance in centrifuge?View Answer
What is blank?View Answer
Explain what is Calibration Curve?View Answer
Explain what is co-chromatography?View Answer
What do you mean by a confirmatory test?View Answer
Explain what is a positive control?View Answer
Explain what is dynamic range?View Answer