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How important is platform as a service?View Answer
What is the minimal requirement to implement an IAAS Cloud?View Answer
What are different data types used in cloud computing?View Answer
What does software as a service provide?View Answer
How is the Cloud Computing different from primitive Client-Server Architecture?View Answer
What are some open source cloud computing platform databases?View Answer
What are the different deployment models?View Answer
Why should one prefer public cloud over private cloud?View Answer
How to secure your data for transport in cloud?View Answer
What essential things a user should know before going for cloud computing platform?View Answer
Is it cost effective to implement a private cloud rather than a public cloud and why?View Answer
What is the security aspects provided with cloud?View Answer
What is Hypervisor in Cloud Computing and its types?View Answer
Is Cloud computing an application?View Answer
How the cloud services are measured?View Answer
What do you understand from VPN?View Answer
What do you understand by CaaS?View Answer
What are the optimizing strategies used in cloud?View Answer
What does a VPN consists of?View Answer
How does cloud computing provides on-demand functionality?View Answer
What is the requirement of virtualization platforms in implementing cloud?View Answer
What is the difference between scalability and elasticity?View Answer
What is the use of eucalyptus in cloud computing environment?View Answer
What are the different datacenters deployed for this?View Answer
Is there any difference in cloud computing and computing for mobiles?View Answer
What is the use of API in cloud services?View Answer
What is cloud computing?View Answer
What are the advantages of cloud services?View Answer
What are the different modes of software as a service?View Answer
What are the different layers of cloud computing?View Answer
Are Type-1 Hypervisors better in performance than Type-2 Hypervisors and Why?View Answer
What is the difference between traditional datacenters and cloud?View Answer
What resources are provided by infrastructure as a service?View Answer
What are the characteristics on which a Cloud Computing Model should be selected for implementing and managing workload?View Answer
What are the three cost factors involves in cloud data center?View Answer