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Read COMPUTER ARCHITECTURE Questions and Answers for Interview

What is Computer Architecture?View Answer
How Computer Architecture is characterized?View Answer
Mention important steps for computer design?View Answer
What are the different types of fields that are part of an instruction?View Answer
What are the basic components of a Microprocessor?View Answer
What are different types of interrupts in a microprocessor system? Explain?View Answer
Mention what are the common components of a microprocessor are?View Answer
Explain what is Snooping Cache?View Answer
Mention what is the simplest way to determine cache locations in which to store memory blocks?View Answer
What digital functions should be used to convert the octal code to binary code?View Answer
What technique is used to automatically move program and data blocks into the physical main memory when they are required for execution?View Answer
Mention what is the use of RAID system?View Answer
Explain what type of memory that can be erased with the electric discharge?View Answer
Explain what is horizontal micro code?View Answer
Explain what is direct mapping?View Answer
Mention what are the types of micro-operations?View Answer
What does DMA stands for?View Answer
When large number of registers are included in the CPU, what is the most efficient way to connect them?View Answer
Explain if the internal bus connects only register within the CPU, how would you get data to and from memory?View Answer
What is WAIT state?View Answer
How you can deal with WAIT state?View Answer