DENTAL HYGIENIST MOST ASKED Job Interview Questions. Read DENTAL HYGIENIST Interview Questions and Answers for Experienced, Freshers PDF Download.

Read DENTAL HYGIENIST Questions and Answers for Interview

What is the role of Dental Hygienist?View Answer
What would you suggest to a patient who wants to prevent tooth decay?View Answer
What are the tools required for performing laser therapy?View Answer
What is rubber cup polishing?View Answer
What is a site-specific laser therapy and when it is required?View Answer
What is periodontal maintenance and what are the instruments used for it?View Answer
What is site specific anti-biotic therapy?View Answer
Explain how Ultrasonic instrument works and what is it used for?View Answer
On what basis does hygienist decide whether patient should go for Scaling and Rootcanaling?View Answer
What is a rubber dam and their advantages?View Answer
List out different types of filling used?View Answer
What is “galvanic shock”?View Answer
When is glass ionomer filling is used?View Answer
What one should do if he/she knocks off the tooth out?View Answer
What is the difference between scaling and root planing?View Answer
What is the use of “Air Abrasion”?View Answer
What is the benefit of dental bridge and what are the types of dental bridges?View Answer
On what occasion dental crown is suggested?View Answer
Explain how dental sealants are placed?View Answer
List out the tools that are used by dental hygienist?View Answer