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What is Dojo?View Answer
What are application support libraries in Dojo?View Answer
Explain why does in many of tests HTML files have style = “visibility hidden”?View Answer
Mention what are the advantages or benefits of Dojo?View Answer
Mention what are the drawbacks of Dojo?View Answer
What does all include in Dojo Architecture?View Answer
What is Dijit and DojoX?View Answer
What makes a widget?View Answer
Mention what is the basic structure in Dojo?View Answer
Mention what are the limitations of Dojo?View Answer
Explain whether Dojo is a part of Ajax and distinguishes their roles?View Answer
Mention what are Modules in Dojo?View Answer
Explain about the language libraries in Dojo?View Answer
Mention the features of Dojo Charting?View Answer
List out some of the components that come along with Dojo Framework?View Answer
What is the difference between JQuery and Dojo?View Answer
List out some of the Dijit Layout widgets?View Answer
Explain the function of Dojo/ready module?View Answer