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What is Dreamweaver behavior?View Answer
What is Dreamweaver?View Answer
How you can create a mailto form in Dreamweaver?View Answer
What is the difference between WordPress and Dreamweaver?View Answer
Explain how you can add an image to your web page in Dreamweaver?View Answer
Explain which graphic format you cannot insert into your web page?View Answer
Explain how you can make a template in Dreamweaver?View Answer
In DreamViewer is it possible to convert layers to tables and tables to layers?View Answer
What are Dreamweaver layers?View Answer
Explain how you can make your site live in Dreamweaver?View Answer
Mention which panel is used to change the event that triggers an image swap?View Answer
Explain how to use Dreamweaver behaviors to play sound?View Answer
Explain how validator work in DreamWeaver?View Answer
Explain how you can perform validation in DreamWeaver?View Answer
Mention what does the asterisk after the file name in the document title bar indicates?View Answer