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What is Drupal?View Answer
Why Drupal is considered powerful CMS compare to other CMS system?View Answer
Mention what are the key features of Drupal?View Answer
Explain how caching work in Drupal?View Answer
What is a patch?View Answer
What do PDO mean?View Answer
Explain how database system of Drupal works?View Answer
Name some of the most commonly used PHP based CMSs?View Answer
What is DRUSH in Drupal?View Answer
What is module in Drupal? List out some of the modules used in Drupal?View Answer
What Drupal distributions is and when to use?View Answer
List out the SEO modules available in Drupal?View Answer
What is Drupal weight?View Answer
What is Drupal cron?View Answer
Why Drupal needs database? What databases are supported?View Answer
What is render array in Drupal?View Answer
What is the use of Ctools in Drupal?View Answer
What are the files required for theme and module?View Answer
Explain using module how you can drop the table?View Answer
What are the translations available in Drupal?View Answer
Does Drupal provides support?View Answer