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What is the classpath of a plugin in eclipse?View Answer
What is IDE? Name some Java IDE?View Answer
Explain how can you add a library to the classpath of a plug-in?View Answer
Define Eclipse? What are the key Eclipse projects and technologies?View Answer
Explain how to access UI objects from a non-ui thread?View Answer
What are activities you can do in Eclipse?View Answer
Explain how to fire a key event in the test code to make the program act as if a user pressed a key?View Answer
What are the steps to change the JDK compliance level?View Answer
Explain how can you generate JavaDoc documentation for your code?View Answer
What are extension points?View Answer
Explain how to config a plugin to start automatically during platform starts up?View Answer
What is an eclipse modeling framework?View Answer
Explain how can you hide menu contributed by other plugins?View Answer
What are the differences between ‘Import-Package’ and ‘Require-Bundle’ in Eclipse?View Answer
What is Shell and what is Display?View Answer
What is included in a Rich Client Platform?View Answer