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What does an esthetician do?View Answer
What attributes esthetician should have in it?View Answer
What are the other career options for esthetician?View Answer
What is deep pore cleansing?View Answer
How steam is useful in the cleansing process of skin?View Answer
What is iontophoresis?View Answer
What an esthetician’s can’t do?View Answer
Explain how esthetician sanitize their daily accessories and equipment?View Answer
What is disincrustation?View Answer
What is Comedone? Is esthetician allowed to treat Comedones?View Answer
What is Botox? How does it work?View Answer
Can an esthetician allow to give Botox treatment?View Answer
What are the side effects of Botox?View Answer
Explain how long does the Botox treatment last?View Answer
What dermal filler are and What are the types of fillers?View Answer
For what all-purpose dermal fillers are used?View Answer
What is the average length of fillers? How long it last and what are the side effects if there is any?View Answer
What is chemical peel treatments?View Answer
What are the equipment’s that an esthetician use?View Answer
What is photo-rejuvenation?View Answer
Is there any side effects of photo-rejuvenation and how long the session last?View Answer
What is microdermabrasion?View Answer