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What is Groovy?View Answer
Why use Groovy?View Answer
What is the limitation of Groovy?View Answer
How Scripts are run in Groovy?View Answer
Mention what are some features does Groovy JDK offers?View Answer
Mention what is the role of closure and listeners in Groovy?View Answer
How you can add stuff to the classpath when running things in groovy or groovysh?View Answer
Mention what is the license for Groovy?View Answer
What is ExpandoMetaClass in Groovy?View Answer
How Groovy string is expressed?View Answer
How could you retrieve a single value from data base using Groovy?View Answer
How you can query in Groovy?View Answer
How you can build AST (Abstract Syntax Trees) in Groovy from string?View Answer
How you can include a groovy script in another groovy?View Answer
What is Groovysh?View Answer
Explain GroovyDoc comment?View Answer
What are Bitwise Operators in Groovy?View Answer
List out the differences between Groovy and Java?View Answer
Explain the role of Grape dependency in Groovy?View Answer
What does the JsonSlurper class indicates?View Answer
When “propertyMissing (String)” method is called?View Answer
Mention what relational operators is used for in Groovy?View Answer