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Define Hyperion?View Answer
Explain Olap and mention if it is related to HYPERION FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT ?View Answer
Explain why we use Hyperion?View Answer
Is it possible to have one ASO database and one BSO database in a single application. Justify .View Answer
Can we have multiple databases in single application?View Answer
Can we start and stop an application individually and how to increase performance using this?View Answer
Explain custom based macro?View Answer
Explain data file cache?View Answer
What does “DOU” mean?View Answer
Which property helps us to consider using ACE ?View Answer
Which two functions can produce a report that includes only Elimination entities?View Answer
Explain Dense and Sparse Dimensions?View Answer
What are the three primary build methods for building dimensions?View Answer
Differentiate between ASO & BSO?View Answer
Explain attributes?View Answer
Can we run on the same machine two instances of the same Essbase server and each one will have the test environment and the development environment?View Answer
If we have A as the dimension and B,C as members of it how can we stop b and c from rolling up to A?View Answer
What is the role of the never consolidate operator(^)?View Answer
Is it possible to have several meta outlines in the Integration services that are built on a single OLAP model?View Answer
Is it possible to have a metaoutline built on two separate OLAP models?View Answer
What is the true meaning of a hybrid analysis?View Answer
What is the explanation for a higher efficiency of a bottom-up calculation than a topdown calculation?View Answer
What is the real base for calling a parallel or a serial method for making the calculations?View Answer
What is the meaning of a block locking system?View Answer
What partitioning options do we have in Essbase?View Answer
Is it true that the retrieval time is shorten by the dynamic calculation and the database calculation time is longer?View Answer