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Read JAVA DESIGN PATTERN Questions and Answers for Interview

What is Java Design Pattern?View Answer
What is creational design patterns and Factory pattern?View Answer
Which design pattern is used to get a way to access the elements of a collection object in sequential manner?View Answer
When service locator pattern is used?View Answer
Mention in how many ways can you create singleton pattern?View Answer
Which pattern is used when we need to decouple an abstraction from its implementation?View Answer
Which design pattern will be helpful to add new functionality to an existing object?View Answer
Explain how can you create a Singleton class in Java?View Answer
Is it possible to write thread safe singleton in Java?View Answer
Mention how one should describe a design pattern?View Answer
Mention why access to the non-static variable is not allowed from static method in Java?View Answer
Which pattern is useful when one has to pass data with multiple attributes in one shot from client to server?View Answer
Name some of the entities of DAO pattern?View Answer
Mention when can you use the Intercepting pattern?View Answer
Mention when to use a Factory Pattern?View Answer
Explain in singleton pattern whether it is better to make the whole getinstance() method synchronized or just critical section is enough? Which one is preferable?View Answer
Mention in how many ways can you write singleton class in Java?View Answer
Explain how can you prevent creating another instance of singleton using clone() method?View Answer
Mention what is the difference between “throw” and “throws”?View Answer
Which classes in JDK uses singleton pattern?View Answer
Mention what is the limitation of using singleton pattern?View Answer
Mention what is the difference between VO and JDO?View Answer