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Read JDBC Questions and Answers for Interview

What is JDBC?Answer
What’s the JDBC 3.0 API?Answer
Does the JDBC-ODBC Bridge support the new features in the JDBC 3.0 API?Answer
Can the JDBC-ODBC Bridge be used with applets?Answer
How do I start debugging problems related to the JDBC API?Answer
What is new in JDBC 2.0?Answer
How to move the cursor in scrollable resultset ?Answer
How to update a resultset programmatically?Answer
How can I use the JDBC API to access a desktop database like Microsoft Access over the network?Answer
Are there any ODBC drivers that do not work with the JDBC-ODBC Bridge?Answer
What causes the “No suitable driver” error?Answer
Why isn’t the java.sql.DriverManager class being found?Answer
How to insert and delete a row programmatically? (new feature in JDBC 2.0)Answer
What are the two major components of JDBC?Answer
What is JDBC Driver interface?Answer
How do I retrieve a whole row of data at once, instead of calling an individual ResultSet.getXXX method for each column?Answer
What are the common tasks of JDBC?Answer
Why does the ODBC driver manager return ‘Data source name not found and no default driver specified Vendor: 0’Answer
How to use JDBC to connect Microsoft Access?Answer
What are four types of JDBC driver?Answer
Which type of JDBC driver is the fastest one?Answer
Are all the required JDBC drivers to establish connectivity to my database part of the JDK?Answer
Is the JDBC-ODBC Bridge multi-threaded?Answer
Does the JDBC-ODBC Bridge support multiple concurrent open statements per connection?Answer
What is the query used to display all tables names in SQL Server (Query analyzer)?Answer
Why can’t I invoke the ResultSet methods afterLast and beforeFirst when the method next works?Answer
How can I retrieve a String or other object type without creating a new object each time?Answer
How many types of JDBC Drivers are present and what are they?Answer
What is the fastest type of JDBC driver?Answer
There is a method getColumnCount in the JDBC API. Is there a similar method to find the number of rows in a result set?Answer
I would like to download the JDBC-ODBC Bridge for the Java 2 SDK, Standard Edition (formerly JDK 1.2). I’m a beginner with the JDBC API, and I would like to start with the Bridge. How do I do it?Answer
If I use the JDBC API, do I have to use ODBC underneath?Answer
Once I have the Java 2 SDK, Standard Edition, from Sun, what else do I need to connect to a database?Answer
What is the best way to generate a universally unique object ID? Do I need to use an external resource like a file or database, or can I do it all in memory?Answer
What happens when I close a Connection application obtained from a connection Pool? How does a connection pool maintain the Connections that I had closed through the application?Answer
How do I insert a .jpg into a mySQL data base?Answer
How can I know when I reach the last record in a table, since JDBC doesn’t provide an EOF method?Answer
Where can I find info, frameworks and example source for writing a JDBC driver?Answer
How can I create a custom RowSetMetaData object from scratch?Answer
How does a custom RowSetReader get called from a CachedRowSet?Answer