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Explain what is JIRA?View Answer
Explain what is a workflow?View Answer
What can be referred as an issue in JIRA?View Answer
List out the source control programs with which it integrates?View Answer
Why use JIRA?View Answer
Is it possible to access JIRA cloud site via a mobile device?View Answer
Can you disable JIRA mobile for the site?View Answer
Explain labelling and linking issue in JIRA?View Answer
Mention the types of reports generated in JIRA?View Answer
Explain what is Cloning an Issue?View Answer
Mention what things are not included in cloned issue in JIRA?View Answer
Explain what is the use of “Move Issue” wizard in JIRA?View Answer
How security setting is helpful in JIRA?View Answer
Explain how you can share an issue with other users? You can email an issue by using the share option in JIRA. You can also email other JIRA users a link to the issue by sharing the issue with them or by mentioning them in an issue’s Description or Comment field.View Answer
Explain how you can modify multiple bulk issues?View Answer
Explain how you can disable mail notification for Bulk Operations?View Answer
What does an issue change history include?View Answer
Explain what does the three color indicates tracking times or duration for an issue?View Answer