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What is Joomla?View Answer
What are mambots and mention their categories?View Answer
List out the benefits of using Joomla?View Answer
What is the position in Joomla?View Answer
What are Joomla Modules?View Answer
Where can you see the use of Joomla frequently?View Answer
Explain how you change favicon?View Answer
What are components in Joomla?View Answer
What is the difference between Drupal and Joomla?View Answer
By default what is the prefix Joomla have?View Answer
What are the advanced features or add-ons in Joomla that can be useful for the developer?View Answer
In Joomla cms what is the file where database setting are stored?View Answer
Mention how many files are required to built module in Joomla?View Answer
What happens if you set the SSL enabled option to on?View Answer
To set the site meta-data for the installed website which option will you choose?View Answer
Which file does the index.php file load to provide a menu bar to the administrator interface?View Answer
Is there any possibility with Joomla to control a desktop application?View Answer
What are content items, section and categories in Joomla?View Answer
Explain how you can install an extension in Joomla?View Answer
What database system does Joomla supports?View Answer
In Joomla how you can change the images in your template?View Answer
What are the drawbacks of Joomla?View Answer
In Joomla what determines the homepage?View Answer
Is Joomla a Blog?View Answer
What web services does Joomla Support?View Answer