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Explain what is JSF or Java Server Faces?View Answer
Explain what is the JSF architecture?View Answer
Explain the life cycle of JSF?View Answer
List out the available implementations of JavaServer faces?View Answer
Mention what does a typical JSF application consist of?View Answer
Explain how JSF is different from conventional JSP?View Answer
Explain what is rendering of page in JSF?View Answer
Mention what does JSF-Managed Bean?View Answer
Explain what Ajax is and how JSF is useful for making AJAX call?View Answer
Mention what is the difference between JSF and Struts?View Answer
Explain how you can call multiple listeners in JSF?View Answer
What are converter tags in JSF?View Answer
List out the converter tags used in JSF?View Answer
Explain what are facelets JSF tags?View Answer