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What is Kanban?View Answer
What is the advantage of using Kanban?View Answer
Mention some of the key differences between scrum and Kanban?View Answer
On what principle does Kanban works on?View Answer
What type of Kanban board is used for testing and programming in gaming?View Answer
What does online Kanban board provides?View Answer
What information does Kanban analytics provides?View Answer
What information does time tracker gives in Kanban?View Answer
What are the features of online documents in Kanban?View Answer
How Kanban is useful in project management?View Answer
Mention what is “Power-Ups” in Kanban? What are the different types of “Power-Ups”?View Answer
Explain how you can link a card together in Kanban?View Answer
Where should you put the Kanban-items that fails the test?View Answer
Explain what is the best way to track progress when using Kanban?View Answer
Explain how to release with Kanban?View Answer
Is it possible to generate Kanban labels from trac tickets?View Answer
Explain why Scrumban is preferred more over Kanban?View Answer
Explain what is the meaning of cycle time and throughput?View Answer