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Demonstrate with an example how you can code in LISP?View Answer
What is slot and what are the most commonly used slot options?View Answer
What is the programming structure for LISP?View Answer
What is CLOS in LISP? What are the goals of the common lisp object system?View Answer
How data types are categorized in LISP?View Answer
What is setq is used for in LISP?View Answer
Mention how many types of variables available is LISP? What are the variables that are bound, and that have values assigned to them?View Answer
What is Local Variables?View Answer
What is LISP constants?View Answer
Is it possible to call LISP functions from other languages?View Answer
Mention what are the three functions required by LISP?View Answer
What is a predicate in LISP?View Answer
What is the importance of the hash table in LISP?View Answer
Explain LISP-Vectors?View Answer
What is LISP? Give an example of some of the popular applications built in LISP?View Answer
What is the property list in LISP?View Answer
Why LISP is used for Artificial Intelligence?View Answer
Mention what are the two pre-defined packages used in LISP?View Answer