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Read MAVEN Questions and Answers for Interview

List out what are the aspects does Maven Manages?View Answer
Where do you find the class files when you compile a Maven project?View Answer
Mention the three build lifecycle of Maven?View Answer
Explain what would the “jar: jar” goal do?View Answer
Explain what is POM?View Answer
List out what are the Maven’s order of inheritance?View Answer
Explain what is Maven artifact?View Answer
For POM what are the minimum required elements?View Answer
Explain what is Maven Repository? What are their types?View Answer
Explain how you can produce execution debug output or error messages?View Answer
Why Maven Plugins are used?View Answer
Explain how to run test classes in Maven?View Answer
List out the dependency scope in Maven?View Answer
Mention how profiles are specified in Maven?View Answer
Explain how you can exclude dependency?View Answer
Mention the difference between Apache Ant and Maven?View Answer
In Maven what are the two setting files called and what are their location?View Answer
List out what are the build phases in Maven?View Answer
Explain what is Maven? How does it work?View Answer
List out the build, source and test source directory for POM in Maven?View Answer