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Read SAP FICO Questions and Answers for Interview

Explain the term SAP FICO?View Answer
What are the other modules to which ‘Financial Accounting’ is integrated?View Answer
In SAP FI what are the organizational elements?View Answer
Explain what is posting key and what does it control?View Answer
What is the company code in SAP?View Answer
How many Chart of Accounts can company code have?View Answer
For a Company Code how many currencies can be configured?View Answer
What are the options in SAP for Fiscal years?View Answer
What is a ‘year shift’ in SAP calendar?View Answer
What is year dependent fiscal year variant?View Answer
In SAP how input and output taxes are taken care?View Answer
Explain what is validations and substitutions in SAP?View Answer
What are the application areas that use validation and substitutions?View Answer
In SAP what is the use of FSV ( Financial Statement Version) ?View Answer
What is a field status group?View Answer
What is FI-GL (Financial- General Ledger) Accounting does?View Answer
What is the default exchange rate type which is picked up for all SAP transactions?View Answer
What are the methods by which vendor invoice payments can be made?View Answer
What are the problems when business area is configured?View Answer
For document clearing what are the customizing prerequisites ?View Answer
What is the importance of GR/IR ( Good Received/ Invoice Received) clearing account?View Answer
What is parallel and local currency in SAP?View Answer
Where can you use the internal order?View Answer
Is it possible to calculate depreciation to the day?View Answer
In Asset Accounting what is the organizational assignments?View Answer
What is the importance of asset classes? What asset classes are there?View Answer
How capital WIP (Work In Process) and Assets accounted for in SAP?View Answer
What are the major components of Chart of Accounts?View Answer
What is credit control area in SAP?View Answer
How can you create Credit Control Area in SAP?View Answer
What is posting period variants?View Answer
Explain in simple terms what is field status and what does it control?View Answer
What is short-end fiscal year?View Answer
What is an account group and where it is used?View Answer
What is the purpose of “Document type” in SAP?View Answer
Is business area at company code level?View Answer
In SAP, Customer and Vendor code are stored at what level?View Answer
How are tolerances for invoice verification defined?View Answer
What is a country Chart of Accounts?View Answer
What is APP in SAP Fico?View Answer
In SAP FICO what are the terms of payment and where are they stored?View Answer
What are one-time vendors?View Answer
What are the standard stages of the SAP payment run?View Answer
In Accounts Receivable, what is the difference between the ‘Residual Payment’ and ‘Part Payment’ methods of allocating cash?View Answer
What is “dunning” in SAP?View Answer
What is the purpose of the account type field in the GL (General Ledger) master record?View Answer
Explain what is recurring entries and why are they used?View Answer
What is a ‘Value Field’ in the CO-PA module?View Answer
What are the statistical internal orders?View Answer
For what purposes internal orders can be used?View Answer