DIETITIAN Questions and Answers

Mention what are the main advantages of using dietary fibre daily?

The advantages of using dietary fibre are

  • Increase bowel function: Dietary fibres are the insoluble fibres, which increases the laxative property of bowel, and helps an individual to relieve from constipation. It might also help in reducing colon cancer risk; inhibiting the growth of tumor cells by saturated fatty acid, which is produced when fibre is fermented by gut bacteria
  • Reduce blood sugar level: It also slows down the absorption of glucose level in blood by not allowing complete digestion of carbohydrate you have consumed
  • Reduce blood cholesterol level: Rice bran or oat bran are some good sources of dietary fibre that prevents fatty acids to convert into bad cholesterol and thus minimizes the risk of coronary heart disease (CHD)
  • Gives satiating feeling: Apart from all these benefits, there are some additional benefits for overweight or obese people who lack satiate feeling resulting in over-consumption of food. Dietary fibre gives satiate feeling without adding any extra calories and also reduces fat level from the body