DIETITIAN Questions and Answers

List out some of the dietary minerals included in our daily intake?

Some of the minerals included in our daily intake includes

  • Calcium: Milk and milk product ( 700 mg/day)
  • Magnesium: Green Vegetables and Nuts ( 150-500 mg/day)
  • Phosphorous: Meat, fish, dairy products ( 550mg/day)
  • Chloride: Salt and salty food (No fixed value)
  • Cobalt: Seafoods, meats and milk products (No fixed value)
  • Iodine: Seafoods, shellfish, cod liver oil and milk (130ug/day)
  • Fluoride: Seafood, tea and water (No fixed value)
  • Sodium: Salt, cheese, soups (575 – 3500 mg/day)
  • Iron: Meat, dried fruit, green vegetables + vit C (9-20 mg/day)
  • Manganese: Tea (1-10gm/day)
  • Molybdenum: Meat, cereals and milk (No fixed value)
  • Zinc: Seafood, eggs,pulses ( 9.5 mg/day)
  • Selenium: Seafood, cereals ( 55ug/day)