DOJO Questions and Answers

Explain what is the difference between JQuery and Dojo?

 DOJO                                          JQUERY
  • Dojo is a JavaScript toolkit or framework
  • Dojo has also got some built in functionality that are proven and well accepted
  • Dojo is HTML and JavaScript based tool kit
  • Dojo might not be as easy to use
  • Dojo provides the features of widget toolkit
  • Dojo requires higher network bandwidth
  • For creating bigger website and application, Dojo is preferred
  •  JQuery is a JavaScript library
  • JQuery has built-in plugin, but the plugins might not be verified
  • JQuery supports almost all web languages
  • JQuery is simpler to use compared to DOJO
  • JQuery is customizable and used to create Ajax applications
  • It will work even at low network bandwidth
  • JQuery is perfect for small websites