DREAMWEAVER Questions and Answers

Explain how you can make your site live in Dreamweaver?

In Dreamweaver to make your site live you have to

  • Open Dreamweaver
  • Tap on Define Sites under the Site drop down menu
  • In the Define Sites box that comes up, click on the New button
  • You have to enter the details of your site in the next dialog box that you see
  • Under category list, on the left of Remote Info, you have to fill our your ftp information to build a connection to the remote server
  • In the Remote info, panel selects FTP in the Access drop down menu and enter details like FTP host, login, password, and Host directory
  • Once the details are filled you can select the option Connect from the Site drop down menu
  • To upload your entire site to your remote site select the local folder and click on Put from the Site drop down menu
  • You can check your site online once the entire folder is transferred to the remote folder