EPIDEMIOLOGIST Questions and Answers

What are the techniques used to investigate the occurrence of disease?

Three techniques are used to investigate the occurrence of disease
• Descriptive epidemiology: The descriptive epidemiology describes the occurrence of the disease based on the data, collated by place, time and person.
• Analytical epidemiology: Analytical epidemiology is again classified in two, first is Case Control method. In this method the cause behind the disease is identified by comparing two different groups, one infected with the disease while another group is of uninfected. The other method is Cohort method, which is more like an experimental method, where the two groups, one infected by the causal factor while another which is not are observed and analyzed.
• Experimental epidemiology: In this method, an experimental model is prepared in which one or more selected factors are manipulated. For example, from the group of infected people, few people are administered with the drugs. The result of the people with drugs and without drugs are analyzed to see the clinical difference in them.