EPIDEMIOLOGIST Questions and Answers

Explain what are the measures can be taken to control communicable disease?

• Prevention: Educating the people about the disease and raising community awareness, like personal hygiene, using bed nets, reporting suspected cases
• Treatment Centers: To restrict the spread of disease by infected persons, keep them in a separate area where no other person is allowed, disposing of excreta or human waste, etc. Disinfectant can be used to limit the growth of infection
• Sanitation and Hygiene: Each infected person should have accessibility to disinfectants and ensure that he/she follows all the steps for health and hygiene
• Vector Control: Keep the infected area away from any host vector like mice, sheep or other pet animal’s
 Handling of dead bodies: Dead bodies not buried or cremated properly can increase the potential risk of the disease. In massive outbreaks of the disease, dead bodies must be handled with due care and should be disposed of in a controlled environment
• Medical, food and water supplies: A hygienic water, food and medical supplies like antibiotics plays a crucial role is controlling communicable diseases.