ERP Questions and Answers

What is the ERP life cycle?

The set of activities through which ERP is implemented in an organization constitutes the ERP life cycle. This can be compared to the well developed System Development Life Cycle (SDLC) in the traditional Structured System Analysis and Design (SSAD). Typical ERP project consists of the following steps:

Step 1: ERP readiness assessment
Step 2: Preparing the organization for ERP
Step 3: ERP Feasibility Study
Step 4: Process modelling and documenting the “AS IS” processes & “TO BE” processes (along with BPR)
Step 5: Detailed plan for ERP implementation (includes ERP software selection, selection of implementation partners, implementation methodology – “Big Bang” or Modular Implementation – and the final and precise extent of implementation)
Step 6: Detailed implementation including development, quality assurance and production system
Step 7: Preparing to “go live” including data migration
Step 8: Going live
Step 9: Performance assessment, documentation, training (continues in early stages also) and future plans.