EXCEL VBA Questions and Answers

What does ‘Workbook.ForceFullCalculation’ do?

When this property is set to True, dependencies are not loaded at open, the dependency dirty chain is not updated, and every calculation of the workbook is a full calculation rather than a recalculation.

If you have a workbook that has so many complex dependencies that loading the dependencies at workbook open takes a long time or recalculation takes longer than full calculation, you can use this property to force Excel to skip loading the dependencies and always use full calculation. Also if making a change to the workbook takes a long time in manual mode because of the time taken to dirty all the dependencies of the cell being changed, then setting Workbook.ForceFullCalculation to True will eliminate the delay.
* Although this is a workbook property the effect is at Application level rather than workbook level.
* In Excel 2007 setting the property back to False once it has been set to True has no effect on the current Excel session.
* The property is saved and restored with the workbook.
* Once this property has been set to True ‘Calculate’ shows in the status bar and cannot be removed by using calculation keys such as F9.