EXCEL VBA Questions and Answers

Mention those conditions when status bar shows CALCULATE.

There are five known conditions in which the status bar will show CALCULATE:
* The Calculation Option has been set to Manual and the workbook contains uncalculated formulae. Try setting calculation to Automatic (Tools–>Options–>Calculate). Note that Excel sets the calculation mode from the first workbook opened in a session: when you open two workbooks, one saved in manual mode and one saved in automatic mode, they will both have the calculation mode of the first workbook opened.
* The Iteration Option is turned on and the workbook contains circular references. Check that turning off Iteration (Tools–>Options–>Calculation) and pressing F9 shows “Circular Reference” in the statusbar.
* You are using Excel 2000 without the SR1 update and have a user-defined function that attempts to define a name and depends on a volatile function: see MSKB Q248179
* You have hit one of Excels limits for tracking dependencies.
* You are using Excel 2007 and have set Workbook.ForceFullCalculation to True