FIREBIRD Questions and Answers

Is there an example how to configure ExternalFileAccess setting in fi rebird.conf?

Firebird’s config file (firebird.conf) does have descriptions inside that explain everything, but sometimes they are confusing and hard to understand what should you do exactly if you don’t have examples. One of such settings is ExternalFileAccess. Some people are even tempted to put Full as it is much easier than trying to guess what’s the correct format Here are the basic settings (‘None’ to disallow external tables and ‘Full’ to allow them anywhere) which you probably understood yourself
ExtemalFileAccess = None
ExtemalFileAccess = Full
And here are those tricky Restrict settings:
ExtemalFileAccess Restrict C :\some\directory
For multiple directories, use something like this:
ExtemalFileAccess = Restrict C :\some\directory,C :some\other\directory
For Linux users:
ExtemalFileAccess= Restrict /some/directory