JSF Questions and Answers

Explain how JSF is different from conventional JSP?

  • JSP is a Java based technology used in order to help developers to create dynamic web pages
  • JSP must be compiled in JAVA byte-code in respect to function properly
  • JSP does not support validator and conversion, ajax etc.
  • JSP is not an interface within the view template. However, JSP are compiled within the server
  • JSP is not managed or processed by the faces servlet.  Instead, JSP are Java Servlets by themselves
  •  JSF is a web application used to simplify development integration of web based user interfaces
  • JSF contains multiple core features like managed beans, component system etc. that is based on template, and tag libraries
  • JSF supports validator and conversion, ajax etc.
  • Within a view template JSF is an interface
  • JSF is processed by Faces Servlet