LANDSCAPE Questions and Answers

Mention different types of mold, fungus and worm found in lawn and how to deal with it?

Different types of mold you will see

  • Slime mold: This type of mold is usually seen in late summer and can be removed by spraying a jet of water
  • Red Thread: This is a common lawn disease, where grass appears light orange or reddish in color due to deficiency of nitrogen. Use ammonium sulfate to overcome nitrogen deficiency
  • Rust: Rust is like red patches on the leaves, and it appears like iron-rust. There is no chemical treatment for this condition, but regular mowing and removal of clipping will stop it from spreading. Avoid using high nitrogen fertilizer in such condition
  • Snow Mold: It is a fungal disease which appears as brownish patches on the lawn. Scarification can reduce the risk
  • Ant Nests: It looks ugly on a lawn, and appears like a patch of mud splashed on the grass. Use nematode steinernema feltiae to control the ants.
  • Leather jackets and Chafer grubs: They are the insects that the feed on the roots of grass, to eliminate these worms you can use chemical controls
  • Fairy rings: It appears like mushroom, and grows in moist climate. Effective chemical can control these fairy rings alternate way to remove this fungus is to dig the affected area by to a depth of 12 inches, and you can replace it with healthy topsoil.