LANDSCAPE Questions and Answers

Mention what are the challenges that you have to face as a landscaper and groundskeeper worker?

  • Working outdoor: You will be working at the out-door location, and have to work in harsh condition
  • Noise level: The noise level can vary according to the location and addition to that you will also have to bear the noise coming out the tools and equipment’s you are using.
  • Exposure to light and bad weather: You have to work in the harsh environment, and the majority of the time exposed to extreme weather condition like freezing cold to flashing sun light
  • Cleanliness and Odors: This is one thing that you have to deal every day, you will get messy and disheveled while handling dirt, soil, shrubs, flowers and pesticides
  • Flexibility to work: You might have a different task each day, or might do the same task but not in the same order
  • Continuous Movement: A lot of locomotive moves required while working which includes bending, stooping, reaching, lifting, standing for a longer time, sitting, walking, etc.