LEADERSHIP Questions and Answers

Describe a time you took a leadership position when you did not have the title of a leader.

In this question, take an example from a situation where you were in a group and took responsibility to delegate to achieve goals. Show how you gained buy in from the other members to follow your lead and the result of your leadership.

For instance, in college we were put into groups of four to complete a marketing project. We had to prepare a 15 page paper and 10 minute presentation on a new product that we would introduce to country outside the U.S. I took initiative among the group to lead a discussion on how we should split up the work, when we will meet throughout the semester, and deadlines for each person’s part of the work. Because I was the one to take lead the discussion and had a plan in mind, I gained the buy in of the other members quickly. I took everyone’s e-mail address and created a group email to help us all keep track of our progress and so we could help each other outside of class and our meetings. By the end of the semester, my group achieved a 95% on our project.