LOADRUNNER Questions and Answers

What do I need to know to do load testing in addition to knowing how to use the LoadRunner tool?

In addition to knowing the tool :

– Management aspects of Load Testing, Planning being paramount

– Requirements gathering, Profile/Mix, SLA, Acceptance Criteria….

– an general understanding of the protocol you are working with, developers can be unhelpful

– a basic understanding of C programming

– know that you WILL be working with diminishing timescales and you are really at the END of the lifecycle

– as a result of the above you may have to work unsociable hours including weekends

– Managers and other “Power that be” – “Box tickers” will not understand your plight

– You need to be able to communicate effectively at all levels with different departments from Business to Dev to Sys Test

– voice your problems as soon as possible – Planning Planning

– Fail to Plan – Plan to FAIL