MICROSOFT POWERPOINT Questions and Answers

How you can convert text to shapes in PowerPoint 2013?

To convert text into shapes

  • On your slide insert a text box and type some text
  • Select the text box on a slide
  • Insert a shape that overlaps your text box in a way that covers it completely
  • Once the rectangle shape is placed, re-order the rectangle shape by sending it behind the existing text box
  • Select the text box first and then select the rectangle shape, after that access the Drawing Tools Format and click the Merge Shapes button
  • Under Merge Shapes drop down gallery, click on Intersect option
  • It will convert text into shapes
  • To ensure the text is converted into shape, right click on the text and a context menu will appear, you will see the edit point option
  • If no edit points option is available, it means your text has not been converted into a shape
  • When you click on Edit Points option, you will see all the edit points on text