NGINX Questions and Answers

What is the difference between Nginx and Apache?

                      Nginx                                 Apache
  • Nginx is an event based web server
  • All request are handled by a single thread.
  • Nginx avoids child processes idea.
  • Nginx resembles speed
  • Nginx is better when it comes to memory consumption and connection
  • Nginx is better when you want load-balancing
  • For PHP, Nginx might be preferable as it supports PHP internally
  • Nginx do not support O.S like IBMi and OpenVMS.
  • Nginx comes only with core features
  • Nginx performance and scalability do not depend on hardware
  •  Apache is a process based server
  • Single thread handles a single request.
  • Apache is based on child processes
  • Apache resemble power
  • Apache is not up-to the mark when it comes to memory consumption and connection
  • Apache will refuse new connections when traffic reaches the limit of processes
  • Apache support’s PHP, Python, Perl and other languages using plugins. It is useful when application is based on Python or Ruby
  • Apache support much wider range of O.S
  • Apache provides lot more functionality than Nginx
  • Apache is dependent on hardware components like CPU and memory